Does your family know where to find your key documents?

Would those close to you know where to find your key documents and other important information if they needed to?

The people you care about most could face real difficulties if something happened to you and they couldn’t find your important paperwork or didn’t have details of key contacts such as your solicitor and accountant.

This happens often – sometimes because someone has not paid enough attention to organising their affairs but also because they may have hidden their paperwork away too well.
Accurate recording of personal affairs is especially important for expats who may have papers and
advisers in different countries that come under different legal jurisdictions.

Trying to track down important paperwork and decipher it can be extremely challenging for loved ones should something unfortunate happen. It often results in unnecessary stress but can also have far more significant consequences if your assets go undetected.

Across the world, there are hundreds of billions of financial assets sitting around unclaimed and held by life insurance companies or in bank accounts.

Without the correct paperwork, it is almost impossible to reunite these assets with their rightful owners. Another consequence is that those close to you may have to wait longer to receive their inheritance if the executors of your will are left searching for paperwork when you die.

A simple checklist

To help you keep track of key documents and other important information, we have created a simple editable PDF checklist. It won’t take long to fill in but could make all the difference to the people you have chosen to handle your affairs. For your convenience this form is an editable document which you can save digitally or print out.

You can download the Important Documents Form by filling out the details box on any page on this site.