Important Documents - Don’t let your assets become part of the missing billions

Kaleidoscope 007Don’t let your assets become part of the missing billions

There are hundreds of billions of dollars of unclaimed assets around the world

  • Over US$58 billion in the USA
  • Over £20 billion in the UK
  • Over A$700 million in Australia
  • Unclaimed life insurance
  • Lost stock and shares
  • Forgotten bank accounts

All those assets belong to people who could probably do with the money but it has been lost or forgotten and in most cases will never be reunited with its rightful owners.

Do you want your assets to join the lost billions or do you want them to go to your family and friends?

Keeping good records is vital if your legacy is to be distributed in accordance with your wishes.

Download our free checklist and ensure your assets go to those you love.

IMPORTANT WARNING: Keep your personal financial information safe and secure: read more here.